We Make It Easy to Purchase a Poodle

Call us today to learn more about our dog transportation and dog drop-off services in Sheridan, CA

Whether you live down the road from us in Sheridan, CA or on the East Coast, you can still get the poodle you've always wanted. Renegade Standard Poodles offers exceptional dog transportation services. You can pick up your poodle from our ranch, meet us at the Sacramento International Airport or use our flight nanny service to have the puppy delivered to your closest major airport. We can also meet you anywhere in the Sheridan, CA area. If you choose our dog drop-off service, you'll need to purchase the plane ticket and pay a $200 shipping fee and the pet carry-on fee.

You can rest assured that we'll help you find a way to connect to your new loving companion. Reach out to us now to set up dog transportation services for your new pup.

We'll make sure your poodle gets to you

We're passionate about putting our poodles into loving homes - and that's why we'll go the extra mile to ensure that your dog makes it to their forever home safely. If you're interested in setting up dog drop-off services, just let us know when you call to inquire about our poodles.