Find Out How Puppy Culture Makes a Difference

We put our poodles through a puppy socialization and puppy training program in Sheridan, CA

At Renegade Standard Poodles in Sheridan, CA, we put our poodles through a very beneficial puppy socialization program called Puppy Culture. Puppy Culture is designed to train newborn puppies through the end of their critical socialization period. It involves lots of positive reinforcement and early neurological stimulation exercises to enhance the development of a strong nervous system. Puppy Culture brings out the very best in each of our poodles.

In addition to our puppy training program, we also use Avidog techniques for improved socialization. Each dog is given the Volhard assessment at 7 weeks old so we can evaluate their potential.

We bring up our pups in a happy, free environment with no kennels. We have plenty of puppy play areas that include adventure boxes, playhouses, toddler slides and kiddie pools.

To learn more about our puppy socialization program, call us today.

Why do we use Puppy Culture?

There are many great benefits to raising our poodles using Puppy Culture. It can:

Help them grow into confident adult dogs

Expose them to a variety of experiences

Teach them basic obedience skills and manners

Using this puppy training program allows us to ensure that our poodles will grow up to be great companions for humans and other dogs.